Documentation and Schedules

Our services include, but are not limited to preparing the following documentation:

  • Sketch plans

Sketch plans are preliminary plans that are less detailed than municipal or working drawings. It is prepared to illustrate the concept or development configuration and provides a visual overview of what your project will look like.

  • Municipal / council documentation

Before you start with any building work (new or alterations and additions) it is required by law that you submit a building plan to your local municipality / council for approval. These plans have to comply with the minimum requirements and regulations in terms of the National Building Regulations.

  • Construction / tender documentation

More detailed design, details and specifications are prepared to assist you with more accurate building/construction costs, when tendered or quoted for. It is during this stage that we will start looking at finishes in detail. More detailed working drawings can be/are done, if required (e.g. bathroom and kitchen designs, cupboards and lighting, etc.). During this stage, we start preparing the building contract that needs to be signed between the client and contractor who will be appointed. This needs to be signed before any work can commence.

  • Contract administration

After the contractor has been appointed and the building contract has been signed, we administer the contract and act as principal agent between the client and the contractor during the building period.

  • As-built drawing services

We provide or prepare drawings for work that has already been built and that needs to be submitted to the local council or municipality for the necessary building plan approval. We also survey existing buildings and prepare plans for existing work as-built.

  • Finishing schedules

We provide schedules with regards to internal and external finishes. This can include paint; roof finishes; floor finishes; internal and external wall finishes; window and door finishes; sanitary finishes; accessories; and ceilings, etc.

  • Door and window schedules

We prepare detailed door en window plans and schedules that specify the size, material, glass and ironmongery that can assist the client to obtain a more accurate costing for the doors and windows.

  • Electrical layouts and schedules

We prepare detailed electrical plans, indicating plug points, TV points, telephone points, audio visual points, alarm points, etc. This can assist the client to obtain a more accurate costing for electrical work.

  • Ironmongery schedules

We prepare a detail schedule for all ironmongery requirements.

  • Paint schedules

We prepare a detail schedule for all paint requirements.

  • Complete technical detail

We prepare all construction details as required, such as fire place detail, bathroom details, cupboard details, overhang details, window sill details, chimney details, pergola details, stair details, etc.

Please contact us to find out which schedules we can provide for your project.