Client Testimonials

House Lambrecht - Atlantic Beach Estate

I firmly believe that every great partnership is based on trust and from the first meeting with Ian Smit, there was a complete sense of trust and that my project is in the best hands.

I gave him ideas and my version of a sketch, and he took that and designed the most amazing kitchen for me. His knowledge of the industry as a whole is un-real and I never had to worry about anything not happening or that my best interest is not been looked after.

He kept everyone on schedule, so my kitchen was completed in the allocated time, something you do not often find with renovations.

Ian will go above and beyond what is seen as the 'norm' and I will recommend him to anyone that wants to renovate or build new. He also partners with other great suppliers, so you can rest assured that your whole projects is looked after.

It has been a pleasure dealing with Ian Smit.

Annande Lambrechts