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Our fees are based on the recommended scale of fees provided by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP). The standard fee schedule is available on request.

Our Fees Explained

The standard full architectural service or partial architectural service is calculated as a percentage of the final or estimated building cost. The recommended fee scale, published in terms of the regularly updated Government Gazette, can be downloaded from the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) website, at

Although there is a recommended architectural fee structure, the fees are always open for negotiation.

Fees are likely to be influenced by:

  • The extent of the architectural professional services and the type of procurement
  • The size and complexity of the project and any specific requirements
  • Works to existing buildings (refurbishment and extensions), which are likely to be significantly more resource intensive
  • The repair and conservation of historic buildings

We provide a one (1) hour free consultation at the initial briefing. This consultation is not to provide design solutions, but to confirm the client brief and the type of architectural service that is required. After the consultation, Smart Solution Architecture will provide a complete fee letter outlining the scope of work and fee structure for approval. Work will only commence after written acceptance has been received from the client.

Alternative fee options:

  • Percentage basis

Our fee for architectural services is expressed as a percentage of the final or estimated construction cost and is best used for clearly defined building projects

  • Lump sums or fixed cost

A fixed lump sum may be suitable where requirements are clearly defined from the outset. A variable lump sum may be calculated from an agreed percentage at the beginning of each stage, based on the latest approved cost. This is beneficial where requirements cannot be predetermined.

  • Time basis

This option will be appropriate where the scope of services cannot be foreseen or does not relate to construction work. This includes providing partial services or additional services such as feasibility studies or protracted negotiations.

  • Value added

The fee can be structured to take into account the value added by your architect’s services (for example, the increased value of a site or building less development costs). In addition to the fee, expenses may also be chargeable for the cost of drawing copies and other documents, travel, accommodation, etc. Disbursements, such as the fees that must accompany applications for building regulations or planning approval, will also be chargeable.

We do not provide any architectural service free of charge and do not do any work on risk. Work will be charged on a time basis where the scope of work is unclear.